Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Out with the Old in with the NEW!!!!

So, I got sick of my old grandma car and traded it in for a 2007 Pontiac Torrent(SILVER). I only laugh because I really didn't need a new car....this was a total selfish buy.....but I figure I'm stimulating the economy....right? I will also be attending grad school in June.....and Seriously a poor college students cannot afford non grandma cars......Which is great.....because I got a really good deal which is my second excuse for my buy.

I mean come on with this black interior who wouldn't want it.... not to mention .....

The great trunk space

And these gadgets on the steering wheel that I haven't figured out how to use yet. I only accept positive comments on this post....because I'm really excited......and no matter what anyone says I'm not a shopaholic. Hope all is well and I'll chat with ya later.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Playin in the snow

Ever since I was little one of our family traditions is sledding. My dad and I took Isabelle and Jonah sledding for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun sledding with these little guys and they looked so cute bundled up in their 10 layers of clothes. I think they looked like little marshmallows. Jonah did not have fun going down his first time, but when they rode with me they were fine. Isabelle did not like the cold snow and felt better just walking around ignoring us when we asked if she wanted to go down the hill. I think she actually ran from us a couple of times. Gavin was the perfect big brother showing his brother and sister how to sled like a pro. He is such a great kid, and his love of being a big brother radiates to his brother and sister. The next weekend we took them sledding again and Isabelle couldn’t get enough. I have posted a few pictures of our adventure, and I truly think that the kids look adorable. Jonah is a little chunk and now weighs a whopping 33 pounds and Isabelle now weighs 24. I love being a part of their lives and feel so blessed to be their favorite aunt. When I am around my nieces and nephews it reminds me how special life truly is. All I can say is I cherish every moment I am with them.