Saturday, September 24, 2011

“Smile and people will want to know what your secret is.”

I’ve been smiling a lot lately, and it’s not because something amazing or grand has happened in my life. It’s because I have simplified my life. Too many times it’s easy to over complicate our life especially when something horrible happens. It’s amazing to me that no matter what happens in life it always gets better. We lose people that we love, we make mistakes, we fall and get hurt, but when we pick ourselves up and move on it’s the most remarkable feeling ever. I feel empowered to be who I am. I have such amazing people in life who have taught me about hope, about having faith, and helping me realize the potential that I have within myself.

It’s so amazing to look at myself everyday and be proud of who I am. Too look around at the people in my life and know how blessed I am to have them in my life. I can’t be sad for the people who have left, because they left something better with me. I love reading my journals, and I smile everytime I do. I love looking in people’s eyes and seeing them for the remarkable individual that they are. Despite all the turmoil in the world and in our lives. The earth and this life was created for our enjoyment the different seasons, flowers, sunrises, mountains, sunsets, lakes, rivers, etc. Everyday is a different adventure. I’m grateful for it all. It’s the simple things in life that keep me smiling. The secret to being truly happy is enjoying it all.