Sunday, September 13, 2009

You look to old for your age!!

As part of my practicum I am working in the Day Treatment. I was facilitating group the other day, and during one of the breaks a client turned to me and said "Crystal, your about 40 right?". I was like "No"....and thinking how dare he think I was forty. He then said "Are you 35?" Again, I said no I'm 28. His EYES got really big and he said "REALLY!!! look old for your age." I was thinking..........what???......but said "I'm sorry." He then said....You really shouldn't look that old. I said i'll try not to look so old next time.

That day I went home and looked in the mirror and all I said for about an hour is 40 really!!! I think I might have a complex now....because I'm looking at pictures of my high school and even college friends and realizing how much they have aged. I guess we all age......I just didn't realize how fast it happened...........The other thing I realized is there is not much I can do about I guess I will have to cope.

Life has been pretty busy for me, but I love every minute of it. I'm so excited for the future and to see where my life takes me. Anyways, I love you all....and I'll talk with ya later !!