Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Randomness:Post 4

Long time no write I know. I've been busy. The other day I watched "Dirty Dancing" I love that movie. When my brother and I were younger we tried to do the part of the movie where I ran jumped he lifted me in the air......and I would usually end up face down into the ground. My favorite part of the movie is when Baby goes to the first dance where she meets Johnny for the first time. He asks why she is there and she said " I carried a watermelon". I have had a lot of watermelon moments throughout my life. I'm a tomboy. When I was a child I really didn't think their was a difference between a boy or girl...obviously I know there is a difference now. If the boys would catch frogs I would. If the boys would climb a tree I would. I'm sure I was one of those pesky little sisters that my brother and his friends would try to lose, but I held my ground. Anyways back to the "watermelon moments." I've seem to have a lot of them lately, but my first was when I was 12 and had my first boyfriend. I decided to write him a song and then sing it to him on the phone...of those of you who know me....I DON'T you can imagine what that went like. It was about two turtles walking on the beach...ha ha the memories. The next watermelon moment was in high school....I liked this guy named TRAVIS. One time we were going to a track meet...I decided I didn't like him anymore. So one of my guy friends stood up on the bus and yelled "CRYSTAL WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT SHE DOES NOT LIKE TRAVIS ANYMORE." Seriously, embarrassing. I had several "WATERMELON MOMENTS" in college, but I don't feel like sharing those. In the past week I've had two. I work in a psychiatric unit I was heading to my car, and the gate is locked. It told the nurse that I would be willing to walk these paramedics out. I began to walk them out....and YES THEY were hot. I got to the gate and one of the paramedics decided to flirt with me. The code to the gate is pretty long so I was typing it in and he said " Are you trying to give me your digits." I didn't know how to respond,and his comment made me more nervous. My response to him is "Yeah our code is pretty long" How lame is that. My flirtatious skills went out the window after my comment I couldn't get the gate open. Our gate is a pull gate and I kept pushing the gate to open it after several seconds I finally realized what I was doing. They pushed their stretcher out the gate, and I wished them a happy day. At the moment I was wishing them a happy day I tripped and fell to the ground. The paramedics came running over to assist me I jumped up and started laughing. I told them I was okay, but REALLY I was embarrassed. This was last THURSDAY. TODAY I went to the store. I just need to grab a few things. Their was this fireman who was also shopping I went past him and he smiled at me and said Hi. I smiled back and said hi. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, and wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I ran into a candy display. The display was knocked over and all the candy fell from the display. I put the display back up and started to put the candy back in it's spot. The fireman who's name is Jeff helped me, and we shared a few laughs. Let's just say that Jeff now has my number. I'm just mortified of these watermelon moments, but if a hot guy asks for my number who am I to complain.

Signing out,

Crystal Angel