Monday, May 24, 2010

Back To Normal

So, I graduated for the third time in my life time, and I can't tell you how wonderful it finally feels to be done. This journey has tested my limits, and has been amazingly tough. Through it all I have learned so much, and amazed at the potiental that god has blessed me with. I'm so excited to see where my future will lead. As for work I will begin therapy work at the agency that I am currently working. That should start shortly. I took my licensure test and passed!! Yea!!! I just have to wait for grades to post and submit my offical transcript to the social work board...and then I will be an offical LMSW. Then....I will be counselign people. Oh! Goodness. It shoudl defintely be a challenge. I'm kinda scared... not sure if I will be good at it or not. I guess only time will tell. I go on my first vacation in over a year, and will be leaving to Vegas on Thursday. I will post pictures when I get back. I guess that's it for now. Hope all is going well for everyone. Love ya