Saturday, February 27, 2010


My life has been so crazy lately I thought that I would focus on the things that have brought me joy in my life. I want to start with my wonderful parents who have taught me so much about life and the importance of family. They are wonderful parents who's love has taught me so much. I have never met two people more in love then my parents. I know that they came from goodly parents who's importance of family love has rubbed off on them. I'm so grateful for my grandparents who have also brought me such joy. I love that I have a tight knit family, and that I know my aunts, uncles, and cousins who's words and example have taught me so much about enjoying the small joys in life. I'm find so much joy in having a brother and sister who I am close to. Although we have our differences and disagrements I love them. My sister is so beautiful and is a wonderful mother, and I hope to be half the woman that she is growing to be. My brother is also a good example, and has grown so much. He is so smart and has so much determination, and I know that he will go far in life. Then there are my in-laws Tiffany and Tracy. Tiffany is a great person with the biggest heart that I know. SHe is a great mother and someone I admire. I'm so excited for my new nephew who I know will be brought into a wonderful home. Tracy is a hard worker, and a good father. I'm also so grateful for my wonderful friends. My friends keep me sane....make me laugh....and are so amazing. I want to appoligize to everyone for beening so onery and irritable lately. I have a lot on my plate right now. I know things will slow down, but no matter how busy I get I will never forget the things in my life that bring me true joy. I've posted some pictures of my beautiful neices and nephews.... hope you enjoy. Love you all

I'm so sad that I don't get to see these two beautiful children very often. This means that I don't get very many pictures either. I rememer when we first watched Mathew he was a beautiful little boy. I remember his fat rolls and chubby cheeks....I can't believe how much he has grown. Mathew has brought so much joy in our lives, and I'm so grateful that he is part of our family in an unconvetional sort of way. Then came Kristin. I remember the first time she was put in my arms. I have never felt such a connection to someone. I knew that she was special. I knew that she would bless our lives, and she has. I'm so grateful for her wonderful personality and for the time I get to spend with her. She is so beautiful inside and out, and brings so much joy in my life.

Caroline is so fun to be around, and makes me laugh so much. She just has a quite way of reaching out and touching your heart. Although, she tries to get her brother Quienton in trouble alot.....she brings me so much joy in my life.

Quienton is such a smart boy, and has more love then I have ever seen. His hugs make me feel so good, and he has a bright spirit about him. I'm so grateful that he has blessed my life the way that he has. He too brings me joy.

I found these dresses at shopko for 10.00 a peice. I couldn't resist so I bought them for the girls. They put them on and were dancing in the kitchen saying "I'm a pretty princess." I thought aren't we all. When do we forget how beautiful and amazing we are as women. I love how these two beautiful children reminded me how all women are princesses. I love these girls.

This is such a beautiful picuture of the twins. I love how Jonah appears to be admiring his sister, and Isabelle is just chillin. They are such loving children, and I'm so grateful to have them in my life. I love how they love me so much. I love being an auntie it brings me so much happiness.

Isabelle must get her stubbornness and independence from me...just don't tell anyone. We sure had fun sledding. I had so much fun spending time with my family....this too brings me joy.

Gavin is growing up so much. I love him and how smart he is. I can have a conversation with him like an adult. Yet he has such an imagination and brings such joy in my life. He is so amazing and I'm so grateful for him and his personality.

I love this picture of Caroline it brings out her eyes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a day

It's been one of those weeks....I don't know if there is something in the air. I'm cranky name it. On these days...or's hard not to focus on the negative..... so that's what I'm going to do

1) I lost my purse (luckily after a 1 hour search I found it)
2) I did some paperwork for work, and the one time I don't make a copy they lose it.
3) I haven't got enough sleep (which makes me so very cranky)
4) I have homework up the wazoo
5) feel un appreciated and un loved
6) I'm behind on my work notes
7) I keep saying random things....and have no idea where it comes from.
8) I have so many things happening in my life, and I don't feel that I have anyone to share them with....partly because I'm so busy....tired....and random.........that I can't even get out a half decent sentence.

I could go on....but I'll stop.....on the brightside of things....I know things will get better!!! Thanks for listening. Wishing and hoping for a brighter and better day tomorrow.